Lost password (for non-VSSO users only)

I lost my password or my username

PLEASE NOTE: Your old Vertafore University login credentials have not transferred to the new Vertafore University site. Please discard them.

Vertafore University now supports Vertafore Single Sign-On (VSSO). If your agency does not use VSSO, you may need to request a VU-only username and password. Please send your request to university@vertafore.com

If you've forgotten your VSSO password, please click the "Sign In with VSSO" button on the Vertafore University login page, and then click the "Forgot my password" link.

If you requested and received a VU-only username and password (because your agency does not use VSSO), and you've forgotten that password, please enter your UserID (your e-mail address) in the field below. You will receive an e-mail with the instructions to create a new password.